Borvan Group LLC solves problems that allow businesses to thrive in regulated markets.  We provide legal, compliance consulting, and government relations services to businesses that are subject to federal and state regulation, including the liquor, hospitality, gaming, and cannabis industries.  Borvan Group LLC can help you achieve whatever you want to accomplish or guide you through whatever problem you need to solve.  


Meet the Team

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Donovan Borvan

Founder and Principal

Borvan Group LLC

Before forming Borvan Group LLC, Donovan was the Executive Director of the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.  He led the agency that was responsible for licensing, regulating, and educating all businesses that sell liquor in the state of Illinois. 

Donovan is known nationally as a speaker on issues of liquor law and regulation.  He has worked closely with federal agencies on licensing and investigations, and has relationships across the country with liquor industry members, business owners, legislators, and regulators.  

Donovan understands the hospitality industry.  When he was younger, he held every job in the restaurant industry, from bus boy to owner.  Then Donovan traded his night job for a law degree from the University of Chicago Law School.  That was the start of the path that led him to form Borvan Group LLC.

More team members coming soon!


Legal Services for Regulated Industries


From licensing to litigation, Borvan Group LLC can guide your business through any legal challenge that you face.

Businesses in regulated industries are subject to laws and regulations that can be confusing, outdated, and often designed by people without industry experience.  

Borvan Group LLC was formed to provide legal counsel to guide businesses through these regulatory and legal minefields.  What makes Borvan Group LLC different from other firms is that we have experience on both sides - we've counseled clients through complex business transactions, litigated cases in federal and state court, and written laws and regulations that govern these industries.  


Compliance Consulting

You want your business to succeed, just like any other business owner.  But your business is different.  It is highly regulated at both the federal and state level.  You want to comply with the regulations and laws for your industry, but they are complicated and confusing, and the penalties for noncompliance can be severe.  How can you be sure that your business is compliant and will not face violations that may include loss of your license to operate your business?

Borvan Group LLC is familiar with the regulations facing businesses, both from the federal government and from your state.  We wrote some of those regulations in Illinois.  We understand how regulators work and think, and can help you bring your business to a place where you do not have to worry about whether your operations are compliant with the law.


Government Relations

If your business is not actively engaging with legislators and regulators, you are missing opportunities.  If you are relying upon consultants or lobbyists who are not intimately familiar with your business and the specific challenges you face, your interests are being underserved.  If you are not monitoring the activity of Congress, your state legislature, and your state regulatory agency on a daily basis, you cannot know how proposed changes to law and regulation will affect your business, and how you can impact those proposals to create a more favorable regulatory environment for your business.

Borvan Group LLC knows how government works, and knows how to make government work for your business.  We can ensure that your individualized interests are represented at all levels of government, and that you never miss out on a chance to have a seat at the table again.


Who We Serve

Borvan Group LLC is based in Chicago but represents clients throughout Illinois and across the nation.  Drawing upon relationships with regulators, legislators, and a network of lawyers throughout the country, Borvan Group LLC can help you find solutions to the problems facing your business wherever you are located.  


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